Sun, Sea and Science: Trinidad After Oil

This film examines the work of three Trinidadian scientists, microbiologist Dr. Adesh Ramsubhag, computer scientist Prof. Patrick Hosein and medical researcher Prof. Paul Teelucksingh as alternatives to Trinidad's oil economy.

Selected at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2018

Prepared To Fight

This documentary is an exploration of the history of the Labour Movement in Trinidad & Tobago from Cipriani and Butler to the MSJ in the People's Partnership. The rise of Tubal Uriah Butler and his contribution to the development of the Labour Movement in Trinidad & Tobago.

Associated Projects

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A young widower lives in self imposed exile deep in the country, haunted by a tragic secret. An unexpected visitor from his past makes him confront his shattered life.

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Set against the backdrop of a deceptively idyllic island where danger lurks in Plain
Sight, this series centers on the complex relationship between two headstrong, bright and ambitious characters – James, a ruthless crime lord, and Sarah, a shrewd forensic detective who returns to Trinidad when her sister is murdered.

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Julia and Joyce: Two Stories of Two Dance Pioneers, marks important dance heritage of Trinidad and Tobago and the world, as told through the fascinating histories of these two remarkable women, now in their seventies, full of challenges, humour and triumphs.

A Sonja Dumas Film



DAYS BEFORE her wedding, a distraught Lizzie reveals to her friends that her fiancé, Stephen, is having an affair with another woman. Her friends rally around her, and help Lizzie plot revenge.

A Sonja Dumas Film