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Raymond Ramcharitar
Communications Consultant, ANSA Caribbean Awards for Excellence

PixelPlay Media is youthful, talented, and efficient in every way that matters. Their production, editing, and conceptual skills are highly developed and beautifully complemented by their willingness to always do more than they signed up for, when it is necessary to get the job done.

Their work for the Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence has displayed all these qualities in abundance. They have produced corporate videos, promotional videos, and a 40-minute  documentary film 'Sun, Sea and Science' for us.

We have no hesitation in recommending them.

Afra Raymond

Managing Director of Raymond & Pierre Limited

I came into contact with PixelPlay in a serious working situation, as an analyst who is committed to having my work presented in a variety of attractive formats.  

I am pleased to have established this important relationship with the PixelPlay team - Lesley-Anne, Robert and Dion. These young professionals have shown real expertise in this complex field, from the broad aspects of media styles to the minutiae of the costuming/ editing/ cameras/ lighting/ sound.

I am a demanding client, but I have no hesitation in recommending the team at PixelPlay, if what you want is an outstanding offering in today's media torrent. 

Gillian Wall

Co-Founder P.L.O.T.T./  Group CEO IBB Global

From our very first meeting with Pixel Play it was clear that we had indeed selected the right team for the project. Noteworthy were; the professionalism of the team, their attentive listening during our first interview, the creative input in the video treatment and overall coordination and facilitation of the interviews with our Directors, Executive Team and members. The end product, given the very short timeframe to complete this project went far beyond our expectations.

One telephone call for the production of a short video has since led to the establishment of a long term partnership between PLOTT and Pixel Play Media, with many exciting projects ahead.

So, who should you call for all of your promotional ads, television and film production and equipment rental requirements going forward? Pixel Play Media of course – these guys are brilliance, excellence and pure awesomeness personified!

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